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Welcome to the world of The Quest Saga, a magickal, faery-tale inspired fantasy epic!

For Sir Kain Viccon, Grand General of the Kingdom of Arcainia, life has become about as calm as can be for
a military man. Peace has been established with Arcainia and the other four kingdoms of the realm of Aztlan
as well as with the Empire of China an ocean away. Kain juggles his military life with the role of a single
parent as he struggles to raise his feisty teen sister Nancy who herself dreams of following in her brother's
footsteps into a life of adventure. Their tranquility is shattered the day
he comes back into their life.

The sadistic warlock Noknor, who orphaned Kain and Nancy as children by murdering their parents in their
own home, has returned. In a bid to conquer Aztlan from sea to shining sea and bring the realm under his cruel
fist. Noknor has teamed with the Chinese demon Gong Gong, a vicious monster with a grudge against the
Heavens of China. With the people of two lands suffering under evil's tyranny, Kain and Nancy together with
their Chinese cousin Hua Li, herself a powerful warrior heir to an ancient dragon bloodline, rush to intercept
these colluding destroyers and bring peace to their lands and their hearts.

This quest will be fraught with peril as the trio adventure all over Aztlan and China to battle the horde Noknor
and Gong Gong have unleashed. Our heroes will need to keep their full wits about them if they have any hope
of surviving their ordeal, a difficult prospect when Nancy is consumed by a zealous thirst for revenge against
the monster that murdered her parents, Li struggles to accept her insurmountable destiny, and Kain watches in
terror as his baby sister grows up way too fast on the battlefield.

Family will need to cast away their fears, trust in each other and stand together as one for when the gates of
Hell throw open, these heroes will have no choice but to stand in Hell's way.

The Quest Saga truly is a unique experience, combining traditional Dungeons & Dragons fantasy with mythical
elements of Chinese fantasy in a thrilling, action packed adventure that posits a world where the Aztecs got out
of the Stone Age and experienced their own Medieval period (with magick and faeries). By drawing inspiration
from Hispanic, Chinese, and American mythos and legends,
The Quest Saga creates a diverse cultural fusion
that is a familiar tale made refreshingly new.

Welcome to the world of The Quest Saga!

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