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The Quest Saga is an action/adventure martial arts fantasy epic, taking Lord of the Rings,
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, and Friends and throwing them into a blender!
By taking traditional western Dungeons & Dragons style fantasy and combining it with the
mysticism and kung-fu excitement of Chinese fantasy,
The Quest Saga creates a fun and
thrilling franchise that bridges the gap between east and west literary entertainment!

The Quest Saga follows the adventures of twenty-something knight Kain Viccon,
his feisty teenage sister Nancy and their beautiful Chinese kung-fu master cousin Hua Li
in their quest to hunt down the evil warlock Noknor and his partner in evil, the ancient and
terrible Chinese demon Gong Gong. Working together to accomplish their horrific goals,
Noknor is trying to conquer the Old World while Gong Gong is set on the annihilation of China.
Kain, Nancy, and Li must give each other strength to overcome tremendous adversity while
they brave many dangerous and thrilling adventures in their quest to
eradicate the greatest evil the world has ever known.

This quest is also extremely personal for our three heroes, as when Kain and Nancy were small
children they witnessed the warlock Noknor brutally murder their mother and father and now
they are determined to avenge their parents' spilled blood with Noknor's severed head.
Their cousin Li, meanwhile, discovers that she is the heir of an ancient Chinese dragon
bloodline and the direct descendant of the dragon princess
that fought and defeated Gong Gong centuries before.

The Quest Saga is an epic adventure packed with action, romance, humor, and compelling,
realistic characters that is sure to appeal to a broad global audience with its age-old story
that is familiar yet refreshingly unique in its cultural fusion!
The Quest Saga
by: j.a.flores
Dwyane The Rock Johnson as Kain Viccon The Quest Saga by J.A. Flores movie wishlist
Dwayne Johnson
Kain Viccon!
Chai Wei 柴蔚
Nancy Viccon!
Bingbing Li 李冰冰
Hua Li!
Dave Bautista
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An action/adventure martial-arts fantasy cultural-fusion epic!