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j. a. flores
j.a.flores at a Barnes & Noble booksigning event
December20th, 2008

Pen Name       





James Alexander Flores
January 27th,1977 (age 38)
Houston, Texas U.S.


writer, Chinese preschool teacher

1982 - present

Fantasy, Action/Adventure, Horror

The Quest Saga

Shen Ying (2013 - present)
James A. Flores (born January 27th, 1977) is an American writer, author of the Quest Saga
and several fantasy and horror short stories. Born and raised in Houston, Texas, he began
writing as soon as he had the coordination to pick up a pen and has been making up intricate
tales ever since.
Early Life                                                       
j.a.flores was born in Houston, Texas to George Flores and Anna Flores (nee Jiminez). At the
age of five he moved with his family to the Houston suburb of Pearland, Texas where he
attended the Pearland school system, graduating Pearland High School in 1995.

After graduating, he attended Alvin Community College in Alvin, Texas. He lasted through a
biology class, an anatomy class, three history classes, and a sociology class before ultimately
dropping the required math and English classes. In 1998 he joined the U.S. Navy as a Nuclear
Machinist Mate. He attended the Navy Nuclear Training School before being granted an
Honorable Discharge for medical reasons in 2000. He went back to work for the City of
Pearland at the Knapp Senior Center where he worked for ten years.

In January of 2012 he left the employ of the City of Pearland and the Knapp Senior Center to
move to Beijing, China to further experience Chinese culture to better his Quest Saga books.

He currently still resides in Beijing and has found employment at an international preschool when
he teaches Chinese children ages 2 - 4 how to speak English.
(see also: History of the Quest Saga)

Flores began writing stories at a early age, with one of his first stories starting around the age of
five he titled
The Quest of Sir James. It was a fantasy tale about a large monstrous dragon
kidnapping a princess and a knight (named Sir James) setting out to save her. This story would
eventually evolve into the Quest Saga. Other early works include a neo-noir private eye thriller
Jim Reaper, P.I and several horror/suspense and ghost story titles like The Cleaners about
two friends who, while working at a dry cleaner, go crazy after one too many rude and abusive
customers and begin torturing and murdering their clientele. While playing around with the
of Sir James
concept in high school sophomore English class, he was prompted by his friend
Rafael Curdy to expand the idea and try writing it out as a novel. Flores began to seriously write
The Quest (dropping the 'of Sir James'), spending most of his time in and out of school writing
the story. He completed the very first manuscript while a senior in high school, which he now
describes as "an embarrassing piece of crap that will never see the light of day while I'm alive."
Very shortly after graduating high school he began the first of numerous rewrites.

In 2002 he published The Quest, Book I: The Roots of Evil with POD publisher 1stBooks (now
Authorhouse). Almost from the start, Flores was not happy with the finished product and decided
to rewrite the first Quest Saga book while simultaneously working on The Quest, Book II: Evil
Rising. He published the rewritten
The Quest, Book I: The Roots of Evil in 2006 with POD
Xlibris and almost immediately followed it up with The Quest, Book II: Evil Rising
in 2007, also with Xlibris. After moving to Beijing, China in 2012 he completed and published the
third book of the Quest Saga
The Quest, Book III: Evil Unleashed.

He is currently (at press time) working on the fourth book of the series
The Quest, Book IV:
The War of the Light and The Dark as well as a reboot of The Quest Saga while also creating
marketing tie-ins of all sorts. He is writing short stories, and attempting a grand scheme to
try and eventually turn the Quest Saga into
a major motion picture blockbuster franchise.