Weapons & Special Items of The Quest Saga

The following is a collection of the various weapons, special items, magick talismans and other interesting trinkets found within the
realm of
The Quest Saga.

A                                          .

Auset Knight Weaponry

B                                          .

Bamaten, James's
Bamaten, Jenna Rose's
Bamaten, Nancy's

C                                         .


D                                         .

Dragon Blade
Dragon Claw
Dragon Heart

E                                         .

Elemental Gifts from the Ladys of the Elements
Elemental Rings
Elemental Sword

F                                         .

G                                         .

Grimoire Amuerte

H                                          .

I                                           .

J                                           .

Jenna Rose's Spear

K                                          .

Kain's Faery Arrows
Kertiz Weaponry

L                                           .

M                                          .

N                                           .

Nancy's Faery Shield
Noknor's Staff

O                                           .

P                                            .

Q                                            .

Qiang Ying's (枪莹) Weaponry

R                                            .

S                                             .

Swuenedras Amulet
T                                             .

U                                             .

V                                             .

W                                            .

X                                             .

Y                                             .

Z                                              .
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