Welcome to this gallery of various actors as they might appear in the coveted role of Noknor, the Scourge of Evil!
Noknor is described as being quite large, standing between 6'8" and 6'10", with a powerful and muscular
physique, and roughly 65 years of age. He has green skin, no hair (at least, he's spear bald with no facial hair),
and red eyes that glow with a bright, hellish light. Keep all that in mind as I explain that, so far, all of these
pictures were done by me using MSPaint because as an Indie (aka: On-A-Shoestring-Budget) Writer I have yet to
invest in a real PhotoShop program or anything past 2003 tech. If you have any ideas or even your own,
presumably better picture you'd like to submit, here's
my contact page. Enjoy!
Actors in Noknor Make-up
Kane Hodder as Noknor, The Quest Saga movie wishlist
Nicolas Cage Nic Cage as Noknor in The Quest Saga movie wishlist
Dave Bautista
Kane Hodder
Nicolas Cage
Author Commentary: My newest top
choice for the role of Noknor, after seeing
him in
Guardians of the Galaxy as Drax the
Destroyer I'm actually shocked I didn't think
of him before. He was always one of my
favorites in the WWF/WWE, a big and very
scary guy. Incidentally, this Noknor was
made using a pic from Batista's early
Leviathan gimmick and aside from the goatee
is perfect. Even the tongue stud works!
  Author Commentary: My top choice for
the role of Noknor, Kane Hodder is
probably best known as playing
hockey-masked Jason Voorhees in the
Friday the 13th film series. Quite an amazing
actor with range beyond silent monster,
although he does seem rather attached to the
goatee (I've never seen him sans).
  Author Commentary: Because of course
Nic f-ing Cage!
Bryan Cranston as Noknor in The Quest Saga movie wishlist
Bryan Cranston Walter White as Noknor in The Quest Saga movie wishlist
Arnold Schwarzenegger as Noknor in The Quest Saga movie wishlist
Bryan Cranston
Walter White
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Author Commentary: Bryan Cranston is such
an awesome and nice guy. Just look at that
charming smile! It's kind of impossible to image
him as a megalomaniac, psychopathic, sadistic,
murderous villain...
  Author Commentary: oh...yeah, that's right.
  Author Commentary: Another high ranking
choice, Arnie's definitely got the look, size,
age, and all around awesomeness.
Unfortunately, Noknor tends to rant, rave,
roar, and scream and even though he got still
break me in half with a sneeze, it's really hard
to take Arnie serious when he's screaming in
his accent.
Mel Gibson as Noknor in The Quest Saga movie wishlist
Michael Chiklis as Noknor in The Quest Saga movie wishlist
Kevin Spacey as Noknor in The Quest Saga movie wishlist
Mel Gibson
Michael Chiklis
Kevin Spacey
Author Commentary: I don't think there's any
commentary I need to offer other than he's Mel
got damn Gibson!.
  Author Commentary: I've been a big fan of
Michael Chiklis since The Shield and if you've
ever seen that show and witnessed Vic
Mackey's insane and violent rages you'll
know why he made it high onto my list of
preferences of actors to portray Noknor.
  Author Commentary: He's definitely got the
range and screen presence to pull off Noknor,
but unfortunately not the size and bulk. But
then, that's what SFX are for. Robbie
Coltrane, not really a giant.
Siry Anthony Hopkins as Noknor in The Quest Saga movie wishlist
George Lopez as Noknor in The Quest Saga movie wishlist
Bruce Willis as Noknor in The Quest Saga movie wishlist
Sir Anthony Hopkins
George Lopez
Bruce Willis
Author Commentary: I sometimes say that
Noknor is like Hannibal Lector with magick
powers (although Noknor was by no means
inspired on any level by Lector). Although well
up there in age, I have no doubt he could still
pull off the character and do Noknor justice.
This was the very first attempt I made to
Noknor-ify an actor waaaaay back 10 or so
years ago. Now I kind of regret giving him the
cartoon crown, but meh! I'm too lazy to redo it.
  Author Commentary: I really like George
Lopez and one could make the argument that
Noknor originally had Mexican qualities before
become green, but after doing this MSPaint job
I discovered he's just to jovial for an insane
  Author Commentary: I don't have much to
say other than I'm a fan of Bruce Willis and
his picture was quite easy to Noknor-ify.
Personally, I think he makes a much better
hero than a villain.