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The Quest, Book I: The Roots of Evil
Follow the adventures of Sir Kain Viccon, 113th Grand General of the Army of the Kingdom of
Arcainia and his teenaged sister Nancy in their quest to hunt down the vile warlock Noknor and seek
vengence against the monster who murdered their beloved parents. However, this quest will not be
easy as Noknor has armed himself with an ancient talisman that just may make him unstoppable in
his conquest for control of the Five Kingdoms of the Old World. Problems are compounded when
Noknor kidnaps the siblings' half-cousin Hua Li, a beautiful warrior from the faraway land of China
with her own vendetta against Noknor's second-in-command, a loathsome mercenary that murdered
her best friend and betrayed her lover on the battlefield. Kain and Nancy must find something
powerful enough to stand up to Noknor's cruel fury, but does such a legendary weapon even exist?
And even if it does, will they be able to find it in time to rescue Hua Li before she meets a gruesome
fate at Noknor's vile hands? Or could this adventure finally be their last? Find out in this true
faerytale filled with magick, exotic locales, sword-swinging adventure, and martial arts action!
The Quest, Book I: The Roots of Evil
Cover of The Quest, Book I: The Roots of Evil
Title: The Quest, Book I: The Roots of Evil
Author: j.a.flores
Published by: Xlibris, Corp.
Publish Date: 12-5-2006
Length: 434 pages
ISBN-10: 142573359X
ISBN-13: 978-1425733599
Available in: ebook, paperback, hardcover
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Summary (*Contains Spoilers*)
  • The Quest Saga has its roots in a story author j.a.flores began when he was five years old titled
    The Quest of Sir James.
  • Although j.a.flores has been working on The Quest Saga in some form or fashion since he was
    five years old, the Quest Saga's "official" birthday is November 6th, 1992.