The Quest, Book II: Evil Rising
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The Quest, Book II: Evil Rising
Cover of The Quest, Book II: Evil Rising
Title: The Quest, Book II: Evil Rising
Author: j.a.flores
Published by: Xlibris, Corp.
Publish Date: 05-3-2007
Length: 472 pages
ISBN-10: 1425765483
ISBN-13: 978-1425765484
Available in: ebook, paperback, hardcover
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It was during the Kuberican Dark War that Sir Kain Viccon, 113th Grand General of the Kingdom
of Arcainia faced down the horrid monster known as Noknor. With the defeat of the vile warlock,
Kain rescued his beautiful Chinese cousin Hua Li from the clutches of evil, avenged the murder of
his parents and a thousand other wronged souls, and saved the very world from the Scourge of
Darkness. Through hardships and bravery peace was finally restored to the Old World. But it could
not last.

Two years have now passed and trouble is once again brewing, this time on two fronts. In the Old
World the newly crowned queen of the Kingdom of Shazadia has launched a savage sneak attack on
a weaker kingdom, enraging the other four kingdoms of the Old World including the powerful
lioness that is Arcainia. While Kain has his hands full trying to stop a seemingly inevitable war from
breaking out, Li is called before the mystical Chinese Council of Dragons to investigate an unnatural
disturbance in the Chinese Witch Mountain, the site of their epic battle with a terrible and ancient
evil. Old friends will reunite, new friendship made, and disturbing prophecies shall be revealed in the
exciting continuation of this true faerytale filled with romance, sword-swinging adventure, and
martial arts action!
Summary (*Contains Spoilers*)
  • Originally titled "The Warlock's Revenge", it followed a drastically different plot line that
    included Noknor traveling to China specifically to attack Li and James very similar to the way
    he attacked Kain and Nancy's parents.