The Quest, Book III: Evil Unleashed
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The Quest, Book III: Evil Unleashed
Cover of The Quest, Book III: Evil Unleashed
Title: The Quest, Book III: Evil Unleashed
Author: j.a.flores
Published by: Xlibris, Corp.
Publish Date: 04-21-2012
Length: 530 pages
ISBN-10: 142573359X
ISBN-13: 978-1425733599
Available in: ebook, paperback, hardcover
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Arcainian Grand General Kain Viccon and Hua Li, his beautiful warrior cousin from China, are in a
desperate race to stop the greatest evils from being unleashed upon their world.

Noknor, with assistance from a powerful queen using the evil warlock as a mere pawn in her secret
plot for Old World domination, is seeking out the fabled Grimoire Amuerte, an ancient horror said to
be the key to opening the very gates of Hell. While Kain struggles to catch his greatest enemy and
stop him from unleashing Hell upon Earth, Li has been tasked by the celestial Chinese Council of
Dragons to assemble China's greatest heroes to stand up to the wicked might of the great devil Gong
Gong. Together with her husband and two dragon bodyguards, Li scours her homeland to recruit a
motley collection of warriors including virtuous outlaws, crime-fighting vigilantes, capricious faeries,
and an insane wizard to stand with her against the ultimate army of Darkness.

Kain and Li will do everything they can to stop the coming plague of evil from being unleashed, but
nothing can prepare them for the ghastly terrors that await them in this next thrilling installment of
The Quest Saga!
Summary (*Contains Spoilers*)