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City of Hurst                                                       
The City of Hurst is the largest, most prosperous city in the Old World, acting as the central trading
hub between the Five Kingdoms and China. While not a kingdom proper, Hurst controls a large area
outside the main city walls equaling roughly 600 square miles and boasts a military force (referred to
as police force) of  +/-50,000, greater than the Kingdom of Holgrafia and equal to the Kingdom of
Radinoz. As the City of Hurst is not recognized as a kingdom, it is not an official member of the
Alliance of the Five Kingdoms and does not register a vote; however, Hurst does lend a voice,
stating its stance on Old World political matters. Hurst maintains embassies in each of the Five
Kingdoms’ capital cities.
The City of Hurst

The City of Hurst was founded in 288AC (225 years prior to the events of the Quest Saga) by
Krystallena Hurst, a Kuberican noble. An amazingly beautiful woman pursued by many, she fell in
love and married a noble man. Her husband was brutally murdered by his own brother out of
jealousy and Krystallena fled with her infant son and many of her loyal servants. They wandered the
countryside for three years before she finally decided that she wanted to settle down. Knowing she
could never go back home to face her villainous brother-in-law, Krystallena decided to build a new
home for her and her followers. Legend holds that she bartered with the local tribes to purchase land
from them, stating that she only wanted enough land upon which a single orc can lay shade. The
tribal king provided the orc which she immediately slaughtered and dismembered. She then laid out
the pieces of the orc, using every bit of the beast to cover the ground, even going so far as to shave
the fur and lay each hair out end to end as well as saving every drop of blood which she sprinkled on
the ground. The tribal king was so impressed with her shrewd cleverness that he gave her the land
without an issue, roughly ten square miles worth. With this land Krystallena built her city, building
and ruling it as wisely and shrewdly as how she had acquired it for fifty years, never remarrying. At
her death, she passed the reigns of the city to her only son.

The City of Hurst has a humid subtropical climate. Summers are generally hot and humid, with an
average temperature of 86°F (  °C),

Winters are cold and typically dry, with regular occurrences of light snowfall. The average
temperature is 31°F (   °C)

Hurst was the first place in all the Old World to provide public transportation and continues to be the
largest provider. Ferries utilize the river and canals to provide transportation over water and is the
biggest carrier of commuters. On the roads horse-and-buggies operate independently as taxi services
while larger carriages, some providing for as a many twenty commuters at a time, travel along a set
route of stops.

As there are several hundred large transport and battleships navigating the river at any given time,
bridges, even drawbridges due to the heavy amount of road traffic, are not feasible. Thus, the City of
Hurst has five major tunnels that lead under the rivers, connecting each side via the major highways.
An intricate and elaborate series of mirrors provide illumination throughout the tunnels, using the sun
during the day and fires during the night and on overcast days.