Being a 30-something fanboy of various franchises over the years I have
acquired many, many different toys and collectables; you know, crap
that may or may not increase in value but it’s a moot point because I
highly doubt I’ll ever sell any of it anyway. As such, one of my
biggest dreams (aside from the movie deal, of course) is to see action
figures and other types of collectables based on The Quest Saga
characters. Well, having grown tired of waiting for the toy companies to
return my calls, I decided to make my own. Thus, I present to you, my
dear fans, the Quest Saga Toy Box, a collection of Quest inspired toys
and collectables custom-made by myself! Enjoy and let me know what
you think!
Oh, and aside from the t-shirts, I’m afraid that these are not for sale.
More awesome toys, collections, replicas, apparel
and other assort crap coming soon!
Stay tuned!
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