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Life-Sized Replica of Hua Li's Dragon Claw

Li’s Dragon Claw is one of my favorite weapons. I’m not sure exactly what made me want to construct a
replica of it, I guess one day the idea popped into my head and I ran with it. The base of the glove is a womanâ
€™s white spandex evening glove I bought specifically for this purpose; not quite sure if the saleslady at Dillardâ
€™s believed that one either. I used regularly old acrylic paint for the color, metallic amethyst to be exact. The
metallic paint gave it a sort of glittery luster that is subtle but there, but the paint itself played hell of the spandex
and made it tough and rubbery. That’s really not so bad except that it made the stitching brittle. To paint it, I
put the evening glove on and painted it while it was on my arm. I used foam-board custom cut for the blades, but
for the fingers and back of the hand I cut up and painted a rubber costume knight’s glove I bought at Target.
The plate on the back of the forearm is yet more polymer clay (that stuff is aweSOME!) and the tubes holding the
Dragon Oil is plastic bead tubes covered in polymer clay. The spout on the back of the hand, interestingly enough,
is a rubber nipple from a baby’s medicine dispensing syringe.

Again, I do have to say that this one came out beautifully. It works great as a costume piece, although as I said it is
a little brittle so I try not to put it on often except for photo ops (everytime I put it on I hear another few stitches
pop). It really wasn’t difficult to make it, more than a little time consuming but not nearly as much of a
physical chore as I thought it would be. I have even considered making more and selling them, especially since the
experience of making this one will no doubt make for an even easier and faster production. Provided I can get the
proper supplies I may just do that.